The Amazing Success of the 2015 Cubs: Jumpsuit prediction or the Holy Cow!bell?

When Jumpsuit sang, “THIS IS OUR YEAR” in their Cubs victory song, “Cubs Win,” did they really predict this storybook season? Did they foresee the mass hysteria surrounding each post season victory when they declared, “LET’S MAKE PARTY”? Did they feel the excitement jolt them from the post season future when they wrote those words during spring training that it overtook them and they, in fact, lost the ability to use words correctly???


Was it The cowbell? Not just any cowbell. “THE” cowbell. The cowbell that was thought to have been lost to the ages and to the ghosts of Cubby past. The cowbell that not just mere sacred, but, only truly HOLY COWS would ever be considered worthy to adorn their necks. The only cowbell any true Cubs fan and musician would ever, EVER play on a Cubs victory song. The cowbell, that when it is struck, is the sound of tears of joy, love, and hope. And when this cowbell sounds it’s glorious sound – all Wrigelyvillagers all over the world will know that Cubs Win. It is the dinner bell for the table of heroic winners we call the Chicago Cubs. There is only one cowbell to consider in all of cowbell lore. This cowbell is Greatness. This cowbell is the only cowbell that Jumpsuit would ever consider playing on their Cubs victory song. THIS cowbell… The cowbell Jumpsuit played on “Cubs Win” is the holy… the one and only…

Holy Cow!bell.

Download “Cubs Win” and Jumpsuit’s other baseball songs here:

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